The world is our mirror, time to get political

Deeply disturbed does not cut it. 

Surprised, well actually no. 

I have been thinking about this idea of the world being a mirror. What happens internally is what we see in the physical form externally. America's election result has illuminated the deep polarity that is happening across the globe, not only in America. 


I scratch my head and try to comprehend how we have gone from Obama to Trump and the only theory I can come up with is that this has all come as a result of fear. Fear of difference, fear of change, fear of  progress. When the tides change , inevitably there will be many who are set on digging in their heels -  holding onto what feel's easier. 

Hate is easier. 

It isn't easy to go out of your way to educate yourself ( some don't have that opportunity).

It isn't easier to have to change your whole worldview ( this can be uncomfortable) 

It isn't easier to put your own shit aside and stand in someone else shoes. 

Change involves questioning what you know and being willing to think differently. 

So where to from here? 

I believe that this is an invitation to all of us to become more politically engaged.  There is a mentality (of which I am also guilty) which relies on this idea that 'someone else is figuring it out'. Someone else will fix climate change, someone else will ensure human rights are protected. 

The 'someone else will do it' mentality isn't going to stand up anymore. If we want to see real change and progression that addresses inequalities, social justice and the deeply concerning climate change crisis ; we have to make it our problem - not something we outsource to politicians. 

This is also an invitation to step into compassion. Compassion for the fear that has lead us down this global dark night of the soul. Compassion for individuals who think that hate is the best antidote to fear. 

It is my hope that Trump's presidency will be an incredible lesson for us all and that unity, compassion and respect will emerge from this chaos.