I Joined a choir and it curbed my anxiety

There is something about singing in a group of people that just makes me light up. My sister refer's to this as the "choir tingles" - a  moment where the harmonies collide and you enter an exquisite mind , body and spirit experience. I have been looking for a choir for years but I wanted something that would suit my level of commitment with no pressure to perform or to sign up for months on end. ( obligation seems to kill desire for me) 

A few weeks ago I discovered The Welcome Choir. They are a beautiful group of souls that meet once a week. I highly recommend you check out their website to learn more, especially if you are in Sydney and are looking to invite some fun back into your life. 


Joining the choir has injected some much needed play back into my world. Things were getting a bit too serious there for a while - endless  to-do lists, running a business and working as a Social Worker in a very intensive environment had me entering a state of overwhelm. When I did a little review of my calendar it became really obvious to me that I had neglected to schedule in time to play, relax and indulge in my silly side.

Looking back over the past year  I have found myself having to navigate more anxiety than usual . I have always operated on the anxious side of the spectrum, however I noticed these feelings were starting to influence my decision making and the way I was functioning in the world. For many months I was searching for more serious solutions to curb the restlessness and unease. It hadn't dawned on me that brining fun back into my life would have such a profound impact on my own mental health. How could something so simple make such an difference? Well to my surprise it has. Who knew that pleasure could be such an antidote to a racing mind? - It seems blindingly obvious now! 

This is a pretty wonderful realisation because it has got me thinking about other ways I can play and feel pleasure.

What ways are you injecting pleasure into you life?

Has play become a bit of a blind-spot?

Tell me how you get your silly side on! 

P.S Follow the Welcome Choir on : Instagram