Taking something out to put something in

When I started a meditation practice I was given one incredible piece of advice. 


You have to take something out before you put something in.

We are all so busy. We live in a world that rewards and celebrates being busy. But we can't just keep adding, adding adding. To really make my meditation practice something that would be sustained I had to have an honest look at my current commitments. If I was going to put aside 30 minutes a day to sit I needed to evaluate how I was spending my time. 

This need not be a complex process and it is not one that is only relevant to starting a meditation practice. For me I decided to watch less TV. It's funny that now I don't even turn my TV on anymore. (note: for the record I am known to binge watch netflix and have nothing against passive consumption) 

Back to my point. 

Rather than piling up more and more and more and more.

Ask yourself : What is really possible at this time? Maybe it isn't possible to take anything out, and that's ok. When I find myself in this situation I just acknowledge that this is not the right time to add more in. 

I find is helpful to  come back to the concept: 

Is this filling up my cup?

Or am i just pouring said cup's contents over my head?