Is this change realistic right now?

Why is it so hard to make the change we desire?

I've been examining my own behaviours of late and I have to confess there are some shifts that I am struggling to implement.

Even though it appears I want something with every cell of my being, it continues to elude me. 

With  curiosity and a good dash of frustration and anger at the universe I went within to enquire.

This answer came to me:

I am so deeply emotionally attached to the familiar and the comfort that the familiar provides I am scared of letting go.

In a world that often feels way too loud and confronting how can I build up the capacity to release the predictability and safety? These things are my anchor points, they help me to understand where I am in reference to those around me, yet i know they are also the things that keep me from forward motion. 


Having the courage to release the familiar often takes grit, stamina and strength. 

If I get really real with myself I haven't been willing to make the changes I want, because at the moment, I want the comfort just a tiny bit more than I want the shift.

It feels really liberating to admit that. 

Rather than beat myself up for this pattern of self-sabotage, I feel this glimmer of  growing self-compassion and softness. 

Can you relate? 

p.s This isn't a practice designed to let you off the hook, making change is uncomfortable but it is my firm belief that it all begins when you get honest with yourself around what the change will take and the potential discomfort that may arise. Do you really have the resources right now? And if not, do you have it in you to create them? 

Some days all.the.things are going to align and other days it's a signal to pause and hold off until things come together x