Musings on Relationships

Relationships are malleable.

They evolve in their shapes, they mature, deepen, and grow. 

When we enter into a new relationship , we find ourselves in an exciting new landscape of learning and growth. Everything is shiny and sparkly and all intoxicating. 

I imagine this space in my mind like a big container shaped like a heart. We enter into this container with awe, excitement and delight. 

Over time we ease into this container, we become familiar with its curves , its crevasses and the idiosyncrasies. We find a familiar place to land , a place that fits so neatly. This place is safe and comforting. We begin to take on the qualities of this container until we find that it is hard to see where we end and the other begins. 


Then life happens, challenges, growth, stresses, obstacles, celebrations, explorations,- all the things that make up the beautiful chaos that is life. 

Then , without you really realising,  that old familiar heart shaped container starts to feel a little bit small. You wriggle and squirm around trying to curl yourself into that familiar space that used to feel so easy. Yet no matter how many different contortions you try out there is still a sense of unease. It's not as if there is anything intrinsically wrong with the space, but it has changed and so have you. 

Once this becomes known, it becomes evident that trying to make that container fit again is just going to leave you tangled up in knots. And as difficult as it is, you know that it is time to thank the container and that other soul mate for holding you, for teaching you and for loving you.

Relationships change, this is the very nature of them. Relationships are beautiful opportunities to grow and to experience life in all it's different dimensions. I don't believe relationship endings are failures, I prefer to see them as completed contracts, where the soul lessons have been learnt and you have graduated to your next life stage. This is something that feels scary but why can't it also be something that we celebrate......? 

What are your thoughts?