Hello! My name is Hannah

I was born an over-thinking, highly imaginative and curious little being.

From a young age I have always been asking the bigger, slightly more morbid questions. What happens when I die? What am I here to do? What is my life about? Does anyone know what they are doing? When do I get to stop thinking about making money and being responsible? Is it okay to wash your dishes with shampoo? (recent life fail) ahhhhhh. oh adulting.

Life can often feel like a big washing machine of feelings, for most of my 33 years I thought that keeping everything inside was testimony to my resilience and inner strength... this theory, as you can imagine, ended up backfiring quite epically. So here I am, opening up and expressing my thoughts and observations around what it means to do life with anxious and sensitive super-powers. 

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Hannah Morgan  is the Founder of The Great Unravelling where she passionately muses on the complexities of being a sensitive + creative soul . Hannah created The Great Unravelling after noticing how exhausted and overwhelmed the wonderful humans around her were. She watched as her friends and colleagues struggled with burn-out, anxiety and depression. Having already spent a decade working as Social Worker, Hannah felt called to start opening up broader conversation around , mental illness and sensitivity.  Hannah uses illustration, writing and her Podcast series (The Great Unravelling Podcast)  as a way to make sense of all the chaos. 


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