welcome to the great unravelling 

Life is a funny thing, we are taught that we should be in an constant state of forward motion, always achieving, always moving on a linear trajectory.  As a self confessed highly sensitive soul, with a brain that errs on the side of anxiety, this life- business can feel pretty overwhelming at times. Over the past 33 years I have been asking big questions about , well basically everything...

It's exhausting really.

What I have learnt is that things often have a way of unravelling, a peeling of the onion of sorts. Thinking about life in these terms has been a helpful way of moving through change and periods of transition. 

When we are going through hard stuff, it can seem easier to keep it all inside. It's hard to be vulnerable and open about our struggles. I used to think that keeping everything to myself was a "responsible" thing to do and an effective way to cope. As you can imagine, I learn the hard way that this wasn't actually true. 

So as a way to connect and open up more, I created this space, I hope it resonates or sparks something in you. 

Now come and explore.... 

  Hannah :)  



I make sense of the world through words, concepts, ideas and theories. It's the best way I know how to express myself. Through words I find hidden gems of  honestly and secret pockets of vulnerability.  I write about anxiety, sensitivity and what I like to refer to as 'vulnerability experiments' which is code for, doing life without the mask. I also write poetry, short essays on things that make my eyes light up. 



The unravelling interview series is a collection of beautiful messy stories from men and women I have met in this unravelling community. I have an endless curiosity around how people "do" life and how they approach the chaos and uncertainty that life often presents us. These interviews are full of relatable insights around some of the harder stuff we don't often talk about.  


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