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Hey Love! Have you been thinking about taking the leap to start your own soulful podcast?
 I know form personal experience that this can feel super-scary and overwhelming. When I started The Great Unravelling Podcast I literally spent days trying to work everything out myself (yes I am a self-proclaimed over-achiever).
Then something wonderful happened. I came came across Alana Helbig's Ignite: Podcast for Change Makers program. Unless you have been hiding under a rock you probably know Alana for her work on the popular She Makes Magic Podcast and more recently through her Untangled series. 
In my opinion Alana is the only person I know who is offering podcast mentoring from a soul and heart driven perspective. If you cruise the internet for podcast info you are usually faced with incredibly ugly (yes design matters to me) and dry content. If this isn't lighting you up you will be glad to hear that there is another way ! 
You know, I wish i had Alana's program when i first got started as I would have saved myself so much time and pain and frustration. Now that I have this incredible information I am actually in the process of unravelling my own podcast format and concept. Alana's guides have supported me to navigate this slightly awkward transition with ease and clarity. So wherever you are in your podcasting journey i want to tell you that these resources might just be what you are seeking. 
IF you decide to purchase Alana's program through my affiliate link I will offer you a super special bonus 45 minute coaching session. We can talk about anything you want relating to your goals or curly questions relating to starting a podcast - you can ask me anything.
You can also use this session to talk about the graphic design aspect of your podcast. Perhaps you would like to work with me to create a podcast illustration or talk to me about the feel of your branding and how to make that shine. It's up to you how you want to use our time together. 
Alana has explained everything in much more detail on her website, so go check it out before doors close on June 9 2017.