Alyssa Tasker  

Earlier this year I invited life and business coach Alyssa Tasker to come and talk to me about her own experiences building an online profile while also being an introvert. 

In todays discussion we talk about...

Moving through the fear of expressing yourself over the inter-webs 

The benefits of putting yourself out there - even if the thought of this makes you feel vulnerable   

The recent leap Alyssa has taken to build more connection with her community

And easy and practical strategies that introverts and sensitive souls can put into place - oh, and a few funny stories and silly bits  for good measure! 

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Instagram @alyssajtasker  



Vienda Maria: Money 

Money, it's that one thing, we as creative souls can get pretty disillusioned by.

I know that my Money situation has caused me to feel trapped and disempowered. Sometimes it's easy to just think that the world is against you and, on some of those days, you want to give up your creative pursuits because it just feels way too hard. 

I invited Vienda onto the podcast to unravel this topic through a new lens. This requires an open heart and mind and may give you a whole new take on your money and abundance mindset. 

We chat about the energy of money, and how mindset is instrumental in cultivating an abundant life. We also talk about the importance of self-responsibility and taking aligned action to support ourselves financially. We delve into the topic of investing in yourself via online programs. And I share a few of my own observations around current trends in the self-help world, that perhaps trigger me ever so slightly! 

Instagram: @viendamaria


Jo Chun Yan: Intuition 

Jo and I sit down to talk all things Intuition...

What is Intuition? 
How do we tap into it? 
How can we live intuitively when we feel the fear?
How do we balance the head and the heart when making decisions?

We explore all this and more in this weeks podcast. 
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FIRST SEASON Archives - Unravelling Stories

 Episode 01 : Emma Peters

In this episode I talk to textiles artist Emma Peters about her unravelling story. In this podcast we explore: 

  • Transitioning from a well paying job to pursue study all while balancing a busy family life 

  • Sustainable textiles and fashion 

  • Exploring the concept unravelling through a creative practice 

  • How a creative practice has supported her in navigating the daily chaos of life 

Follow Emma's work:
Instagram: Emma_Peters_textiles


Episode 02 : Alessia Gandolfo

In this episode I talk to the gorgeous Alessia direct from Paris (my favourite city in the world) Alessia is a life coach and yoga teacher. In this episode we explore: 

  • Feeling into what we most desire 

  • The challenges that we navigate as we unravel through periods of change and transition 

  • Insights into being a highly sensitive soul 

  • Life purpose 

  • How creativity weaves through the process of unravelling 

      Explore  Alessia's work here and follow her on Facebook here and explore her work on Instagram here


Episode 03: Maxine Louise

In this episode I talk to Maxine Louise -  Skin Therapist and Wellness Coach. Maxine shares her own unravelling story where she found herself in a marriage with an abusive partner. 

She shares honestly and openly about how she was able to rise above this devestating period of her life. The insights she offers us today are eye-opening and powerful.  

Maxine also reflects on how music has helped her move through the trauma of this situation. 

I invite you to share this podcast with anyone you know who may be facing a similar situation and could benefit form Maxine's inspiring words. 

Warning: This podcast discusses domestic violence and sexual assault, please exercise your own self care if you think this content may trigger you. 


Episode 4: Nicole Mathieson

Nicole found herself feeling distant and disconnected within her marriage. Rather than wait for this to resolve or worse still, continue to disengage, Nicole worked through a deep unravelling process.

Nicole opens up about the difficult conversations she had to have with her husband and how these conversations lead her to deeper connection and intimacy in her relationship. 

Nicole and I  talk about some of the challenges that frequently pop up in long term relationships and how to navigate these. Nicole also generously gives us insight into how creativity has supported her to work through the unravelling process. 

You can find Nicole over on 

Resources mentioned in the podcast include:

 Love Warrior by Glennon by Doyle Melton 

 Whatever arises love that by Matt Kahn